I am a new-media artist working mainly with video, light and electronics. I hold a BFA from Concordia University (2012), a DEC (professional diploma) in Theatre production (Lionel-Groulx) and another one in Photography (Vieux-Montréal), where I initiated research on light and scenography. I presented my work in Montreal (OBORO, Studio XX, BIAN—International Digital Art Biennial, Eastern Bloc) and abroad (InShadow, Lisbon, Portugal). I was awarded two research-creation grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (2015 and 2012) as well as the OBORO’s New Media Creation Grant for Young Artists (2011). In 2014, I completed an artist residency at Studio XX. My installation Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor (2013) is part of the City of Montreal’s collection. Alongside my artistic practice, I work as a technical director and freelance consultant in various artist-run centres. I live and work in Montreal (CA).


My art installations aim to push the limits of video diffusion by deconstructing its displays and rethinking the viewer’s experience. My videos transcend the boundaries of the screen. The image lives outside of the frame. I like my visuals to mingle and merge with their surroundings and to overflow into the physical environment. A new hybrid space is created; both familiar and foreign, comfortable/uncomfortable. I use the properties of light in relation to the matter to sculpt the space. I aim at creating strange and changing environments that force the viewer to constantly reevaluate and negociate what he sees and feels. I wish him to experience video in a new way, by presenting it in an innovative mode. I want to confuse the senses of the spectator. I expect the viewer to feel uncertain and awkward in his perception of the work.


2017 Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor, Voyons voir ... La collection de la ville de Montréal s'expose!, Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal
2016 Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor, BIAN, Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montreal
2014 Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor, Data: Salon, Eastern Bloc, Montreal
2014 To ∞, Wired Women S@lon 101, Studio XX, Montreal
2012 The Body of the Memory, InShadowFestival, Lisbonne (PT)
2012 Visual Resonance, Collaborator Steffie Bélanger, Les journées de la culture, OBORO, Montreal
2012 Fog's Chamber, collective exhibition, Eastern Bloc, Montreal


2017 Apocalypse, Banff Centre, Banff
2017 Light Celebration Disorder, Signal Culture, Owego (US)
2014 To ∞, Studio XX, Montreal


2017 Apocalypse, CALQ, Acquisition and marketing
2015 To ∞, CALQ, Research-creation grant
2012 Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor, CALQ, Research-creation grant
2011 Visual Resonance, OBORO, New Media Creation Grant


2016 Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor, City of Montreal's Collection


2012 BFA, Intermedia/Cyberarts, Concordia University
2009 Cegep diploma, Theater Production, Lionel-Groulx
2003 Cegep diploma, Photography, Vieux-Montreal