Fog’s Chamber

Project Description

The title Fog’s Chamber refers to the French meaning of my last name “Brouillard” which is also the French word for “fog”. Fog’s Chamber is born from a study of the material quality of video. Light is what constitutes the video projection. In order to see it, this light must encounter matter. Bored with the conventional projections on the screen, I find it satisfactory to use smoke as support for the video projection. I am fascinated by the duality of tangibility and volatility. Tangibility: a box, a cold hard object which imposes itself in space. Volatility: video projections, smoke, both impalpable.

The video image is projected from the ceiling onto a custom-built box. The box is installed in a way that allows the viewer to see the image in every possible angle and none is preferred. It rests on a central foot, as if floating in space. It has clear top, a depth of two inches and is filled with smoke. By passing through the smoke, light of the video projection gains in depth and becomes sculptural.

The video image displays a female body in suspension, as if floating in water. The woman character discovers her body and, simultaneously, her environment. The duality between volatility and tangibility takes on its full meaning; her volatile body is made of light, whereas the wooden box she inhabits is tangible. They do not belong to the same world. However, they define each other. Without the woman’s body, the box is not a space, and without the box, the woman cannot exist. Around the box, the ambient sound is muffled, as if underwater or inside the box.

Collaborator: Pierre Électrique

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