Project Description

Push is an interactive electronic bricolage made of white LED forming the outline of a sad smiley face. A button blinks under the smiley face and invites viewers to press the button. Pushing the button turns the sad expression of the smiley into a smile. The smile remains as long as the button is pressed. Once the button is released, the face returns to its sad expression.

The Smiley is a simplified representation of an emotion that takes an important part in popular culture. With no intervention from the viewer, the smiley is sad, which communicates a negative impression. Intuitively, spectators will try to make the Smiley keep its smile.

The surface of the device mirrors the viewer’s reflexion. When a spectator is standing in front of it, he sees his own face juxtaposed to the smiley face; he can relate to it and compare both facial expressions.

The installation shares aesthetic qualities with video games and arcades. Electronic components are exposed. By looking through the sides of the work, one can see LED, wires and electronic circuits. Brouillard chooses not to dissimulate the technology to demonstrate the technical complexity required to power an apparently simple device.

The participation of the viewers, even simple and playful, engages them in a reflexion on their responsibility towards their own happiness. For some people happiness is a natural state. However, it is harder for others to keep the button pressed.

Collaborator: Pierre Électrique

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