To ∞

Project Description

To ∞ is an audio-visual installation comprised of a custom fabricated curved LED screen. By blinking, the pixels of the screen reveal a minimalistic human body at scale that walks constantly, embodying in its movement a crescendo of psychological states from vulnerability to power. In practice the human form moves on the spot, but the rotating movement of the screen, activated by a motor, gives the impression that the form runs around in real space. A soundtrack accompanies the sequence of images and the emotions that are represented. When the viewer looks at the installation, he cannot see all the pictures unless he constantly moves and tracks the movement of rotation. Thus, he must imagine how the character has evolved through each of the psychological states.

Collaborator: Pierre Électrique
Produced with the support of Studio XX.
Link to the exhibition page HERE.
Presented as part of Printemps Numérique 2014.
Produced with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



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