Project Description

Vecteur (2018) is a four-part installation featuring characters of whom we can only see the glowing outlines in the dark space, suspended at eye-level in such a way that visitors are able to move freely around them. With Vecteur, I aim to deconstruct the movement of a fall, a loss of balance that I illustrate by dividing the sequence into four sections. In the first image, a figure runs, in the second, it seems to trip, in the third, it is suspended in the air, and, in the last image, the figure literally dives, abandoning itself to the void. In this installation, I am attempting to capture an in-between state, that moment where one loses control of one’s body, just before the impact of landing. Inspired by chronophotography, the piece evokes freeze-frames of four key moments in a fall. While the fall is illustrated here in a very literal way, it can also be read metaphorically: the standing position represents stability, while loss of balance is a state that is able to bring about transformation. This change can be accepted or not, just as we can dive into something voluntarily, or accidentally trip up, and struggle to find our bearings.

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