Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor

Project Description

Video Sequence for Prepared Monitor is an installation composed of a modified LCD monitor. The backlighting of the screen has been reworked in order to reveal only certain aspects of the displayed video image. The rest of the image becomes completely invisible, lost in darkness.

Presented in a completely dark room, the modified monitor is invisible. Only the backlit portions of the image appears, torn out of obscurity. The video image seems to emerge from a void, suspended in nothingness, like a hologram.

The video presents a dancer, where only the region of his body is backlit. The space surrounding his body is entirely dark. The dancer, by his movements, slowly reveals the space he inhabits inside the modified monitor. At the beginning, he occupies only a small part of the display, he is restrained. Little by little, he blooms; he gains breadth. The spectator discovers this space through the body of the dancer.

The spectator, also plunged into darkness, loses the notion of space and distance. An intimate link is created between the dancer and the spectator. When the dancer is restricted to this space, the spectator also feels him confined in this small space. When the dancer utilizes more space, the spectator feels overcome. Therefore, the spectator’s perception of space is completely erroneous.

Collaborator: Pierre Électrique
Dancer: Tony Chong
Movement Advisor: Lucie Vigneault
Produced with the support of OBORO, Production Assistance Program, New Media Lab, 2013
Produced with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.



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