Visual Resonance

Project Description

Visual Resonance is an audiovisual sculptural installation born from collaboration between Steffie Bélanger and Josée Brouillard. The piece presents a visual and interactive exploration of the sound. Using programming and audio sensors, a video projection is modulated according to the amplitude of the sound in a room. Small mechanisms placed inside a sculpture representing a gigantic speaker, produce sounds that make the video react. The noise generated by the viewers can also provoke a response from the video. Graphic lines projected on wooden poles placed in the space evoke the VU metres on a mixing board. These lines respond to the slightest noise. Human silhouettes projected on the back wall are awaiting a violent sound to suddenly come to life.

This installation addresses the artificial interactivity between human and object. The characters from the video projection, just as the viewers, are waiting for a stunning blow to get excited. Yet, the interaction is constant. In a similar way, the sound is always present even when no attention is being paid.

Collaborator: Steffie Bélanger
Technical support: Pierre Électrique
Produced with the support of OBORO, New Media Creation Grant for Young Artists, New Media Lab, 2012.
Link to the presentation page HERE.
Presented as part of Journées de la culture 2012.

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